fertiplant luchtvracht loodsOver the years, Fertiplant has managed to gain a prominent market position and is the market leader in many countries, specifically in the Middle and Far East, the Caribbean region, the French overseas provinces, the USA, Mexico, Canada, etc. In brief: Fertiplant is a ‘global player’.

Fertiplant enjoys an excellent reputation when it comes to:

  • Packing orders for overseas destinations, which have to meet special requirements;
  • The correct preparation of export documentation, which varies from country to country, as a result of which customs clearance doesn’t result in any unnecessary delays;
  • Quality and an extensive product range;
  • Optimum services, 7 days per week;
  • Working with customers to build an optimum relationship.


VliegtuigFertiplant is registered as a ‘known shipper’ with all airlines. This registration is essential for customs to process shipments smoothly and problem free. We also send all of our orders via reputable agents and airlines and because of the substantial volumes we ship each year we are able to insist on attractive freight charges.

For these reasons we therefore believe that Fertiplant is also your best choice for overseas destinations.

If you would like to discover more then please let us know and we’ll be in touch.