varen tray 104-1 (Large)Fertiplant exports pot plants and cuttings throughout the world on a daily basis. We work closely with growers and agriculturalists who produce a wide range of (improved strains) of plants including Anthurium, Begonia, Bromeliads, Medinellas, Pelargonium, ferns and many, many more. We ship seeds, unrooted cuttings and rooted cuttings, with or without growing medium.

Inspectors from the KCB (the Dutch Quality Control Bureau) visit several times per day to inspect export shipments. Fertiplant has a secure airfreight shed and all of our staff are trained as airfreight staff. Our services also includes sending semi-grown products such as Azalea and forcing Hydrangea by air or sea in temperature-controlled shipping containers. We ship products such as Dracaena, Yucca and Ficus from Central America to various customers within and outside of Europe.

4As an agent for Brighten Orchids we supply singulated Phalaenopsis young plants to top growers in the Netherlands.

We hope this has ‘grown’ your interest!