About Fertiplant

Over FertiplantFertiplant has been exporting pot plants and cuttings worldwide for more than 20 years. Our first exports were to Switzerland in the 1990s and since then Fertiplant has developed into what is now a medium to large exporter, with clients throughout Europe and beyond. From our base in Aalsmeer, located just 1 kilometre from the largest auction in the world, we export pot plants and cuttings to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our team, the greatest asset we have, aims to serve our customers in the best possible way, day in and day out. Each customer has his or her own specific requirements, whether it’s a barcode sticker, flowering stage, plants from a specific grower or the method of packaging. Our entire organisation knows these are the details that count!

Over FertiplantOur buyers buy from the Dutch auctions every day as well as directly from growers throughout Europe and even beyond. Fertiplant has a real-time webshop; this system forms an optimum link between the customer and the grower. Every day our sales department works with customers, growers and transport and packaging partners to optimise the process from grower to consumer.

We hope that this has stirred your interest and we look forwarded to hearing from you soon.